See 'The House of Tomorrow', the movie based on the TEDxHolyLand conference, directed by Shamim Sarif.

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TEDxHolyLand was a unique event – the only TEDx conference bringing together speakers from two worlds that are traditionally enemies – Palestine and Israel. Curators Hanan Kattan and Liat Aaronson also focused specifically on the perspective of women making a difference in the region.

In a challenging, stimulating and ultimately, very moving, event speakers and attendees from all sides of the political spectrum came together to listen and understand each other’s stories. For most, it was the first time that they had come into contact with the ‘other side’. And in most cases, superficial differences melted away under the deeper, shared bonds of women who are willing to seek better future now – for their countries and for their families.

Please take a moment to enjoy the talks of these remarkable women.

 “The Palestinian people and the Israeli people have many individual challenges they have to work on separately. And yet, ultimately, a truly sustainable future relies on both sides understanding that they cannot do it alone.” Hanan Kattan, co-Curator, TEDxHolyLand.



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